Commercial Social Media Manager / Contributor

We can manage your social media accounts and online community, or simply provide photos and other content for your social media team. Environmental portraiture in exotic and difficult situations is our specialty. We strive to find balance and harmony of people in the scene with the beautiful views around them. Contact us to learn more.

Diadora shoes product photography in Melbourne, Australia

Diadora shoes product photography in Melbourne, Australia.

Why Social Media Management?

Who is your online community? Who is managing your company's online community, communication, and reputation? If you have no managed social media presence, then you are not managing your company's community, image, reputation, prestige, or emergency messages. We can create, plan, strategise, coordinate your social media communication with your online community. We can manage your Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, wherever. We can provide content in English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese (other languages may be possible on contract).

Providing Content

We are of course expert photographers with a variety of skills to show your company's products and services at their best. Of course, you can ask a staff member to take a 'snapshot' with their smartphone, but we all know that amateurs cannot produce the amazing content a professional with professional equipment can. Wow your audience with the best imagery for your online community.


Costs: Depends on contract and scale of work required. Costs includes: Shoot time, equipment fees, editing, post processing time, travel time and expenses (national or international will be listed seperately in the invoice), photo/video/content delivery, and long term digital storage.

Upgrades and extras can include*

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Lady dressed in a kimono in Kyoto

An American model in a kimono posing for her followers during cherry blossom season in Kyoto.


Payment: Please pay the invoice prior to the due date. Payments by corporate clients are typically done by bank transfer. Payments will be completed in Australian dollars.
Transaction fees may apply.

Weather: All attempts will be made to do the shoot taking advantage of all kinds of weather conditions. However, if the weather is so bad, the shoot will be postponed. If the client cannot attend the postponed date and time, all fees except the deposit will be refunded.

No-show: Uncool. Just uncool. Please contact us if your staff are late, delayed, or other; we usually can help you out some how. Please inform us at the earliest time possible if you think your staff will be late. Lateness may result in additional expenses being added to the invoice.

Liability: We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during the shoot. Whilst all care is taken by us, we expect you to also put safety first. We also expect you to operate your equipment within your compentency level.

License: Photos in these packages are not available for commercial or professional uses, unless agreed to and specified in the invoice.

Portraiture in Tokyo on a rainy day

Portraiture in Tokyo on a rainy day.

Young Japanese lady at Totoro's House

A young lady at Totoro's House in Nagoya, Japan.

An American model in a kimono during cherry blossom season

A photo of an American model in a kimono during cherry blossom season. Note, extensive post processing was done to remove visual distractions like cars and people in the background.