Sample professional headshot

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Costs includes:

Upgrades can include:

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Sample professional headshot

The hard cover version of a photo book / photo album that will be made for you.

Coopers Pub shoot


Payment: Sadly, there's a few people who spoil it for all of us. Consequently these policies must be adhered to. A non-refundable 50% deposit must be paid within 12 hours after bookings are confirmed, and the remainder by the day of the shoot. All private individuals must pay via PayPal or our online payment system (accepts Visa, Mastercard). Only corporate clients are allowed to pay by bank transfer.
*Additional fees may apply for additional services

Weather: For outdoor shoots, all attempts will be made to do the shoot taking advantage of all kinds of weather conditions. However, if the weather is so bad, the shoot will be postponed. If the client cannot attend the postponed date and time, all fees except the deposit will be refunded.

No-show: Uncool. Just uncool. Please contact us if you are late, delayed, or other; we usually can help you out some how. The deposit is non-refundable.

Liability: We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during the shoot. Whilst all care is taken by us, we expect you to also put safety first. We also expect you to operate your equipment within your compentency level.

License: Photos in these packages are specially priced for commercial or professional uses, but other options are available.

Professional headshot sample

Office Package

For offices, non-profit organisations, companies, and other commercial groups. Prices from AUD$2500 (about JPY¥190,000 or USD$1750). Includes:

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Andrew's studio equipment on location in Japan

Standard Package

For individuals and couples. Prices from AUD$1800 (about ¥137,000 or USD$1260). Includes:

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Commercial photo

Budget Portrait Package

For individuals. Prices from JPY¥20,300 (about AUD$250 or USD$180). Priced specially for new actors, actresses, models, startup owners, entrepreneurs, and others. Includes: