Social Media Photographer / Assistant

We will take your photos for you, to help you improve and engage more with your audience, wether they be on Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube, wherever. Environmental portraiture in exotic and difficult situations is our specialty. We strive to find balance and harmony of people in the scene with the beautiful views around them. Contact us to learn more.

Lady dressed in a kimono in Kyoto

An American model in a kimono posing for her followers during cherry blossom season in Kyoto.

Portraits & Video for Social Media

Selfies are fine for sharing "here-and-now" moments and quick updates, but nothing beats high quality work done by a professional. We will find the best angles and positions, help you pose well, and take high quality photos, and post-process the best ones that will "wow" your followers. Using a professional photographer allows your photos to show you in more context than what hand-held selfies can acheive. Show off your outfit, give your followers a sense of place, and do more hands free.


Costs: USD$50/hr (AUD$71/hr)* for people of under 2,000 followers; USD$80/hr (AUD$114/hr)* for influencers of over 2,000 followers. Special rates, half, or full-day discounts may apply. Costs includes: Shoot time, equipment, editing, post processing time, travel time and expenses (national or international will be listed seperately in the invoice), photo delivery, and long term digital storage.

Upgrades and extras can include*

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Young Japanese lady at Totoro's House

A young American lady in a kimono during cherry blossom season in Kyoto


Payment: Please pay via PayPal before we start work together, or in-person using our Square payment system (accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Australian EFTPOS; paid in Australian dollars). Corporate may pay by bank transfer. Payments will be completed in Australian dollars.
Transaction fees may apply.

Weather: All attempts will be made to do the shoot taking advantage of all kinds of weather conditions. However, if the weather is so bad, the shoot will be postponed. If the client cannot attend the postponed date and time, all fees except the deposit will be refunded.

No-show: Uncool. Just uncool. Please contact us if you are late, delayed, or other; we usually can help you out some how. The deposit is non-refundable.

Liability: We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during the shoot. Whilst all care is taken by us, we expect you to also put safety first. We also expect you to operate your equipment within your compentency level.

License: Photos in these packages are not available for commercial or professional uses, unless agreed to and specified in the invoice.

Portraiture in Tokyo on a rainy day

Portraiture in Tokyo on a rainy day.

Young Japanese lady at Totoro's House

A young lady at Totoro's House in Nagoya, Japan.

An American model in a kimono during cherry blossom season

A photo of an American model in a kimono during cherry blossom season. Note, extensive post processing was done to remove visual distractions like cars and people in the background.