Drone & Aerial Photography

Will travel anywhere, anytime, for any job. Based in Melbourne Australia, we do travel where ever the job takes us. Contact us to get started.

Commercial photo sample of a sunset over bathing boxes at Brighton Beach Melbourne. Photo taken from drone

Sunset over Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

We specialise in:

Asset inspection of an offshore yacht. Photo taken from drone.

A sample asset inspection photo taken from a drone

A scenic sunrise of a coastal town in Victoria. Photo taken from drone.

Sunrise and fog over a coastal hamlet

Real Estate & Asset Inspections

Drone aerial surveys and photography are a very affordable way to perform traditionally difficult tasks, and to add value to real estate listings.

A real estate property information image. Photo taken from drone.

A real estate area view photo of Melbourne. Photo taken from drone.

Quickly get a detailed view of structures in need of repairs, renovations. Or use images to survey and plan.

An asset inspection sample. Photo taken from drone.


Individuals: Drones commonly use a 50mm equivalent lens, with altitude, typically does not provide photographs of identifiable people. We can provide better resolution images than satelite images, but remember that aerial cameras have limitations. Contact us to learn more.

Real estate & property: We do not provide detailed images of real estate and property to people and organisations without the written permission of the property owners or their authorised agents. Images supplied to real estate clients will include a gausian blur over neighbouring properties, which helps to make the listed property stand out.

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A Travel Photos drone performing asset inspection

Commercial photo sample

Sunrise over the Victorian coast

What you get:

A photo shoot about gliding and flying in Australia

A photo shoot about gliding and flying in Australia

A young lady enjoying a joy flight

A photo shoot about gliding and flying in Australia

Gliding over Bacchus Marsh, Vic

A photo shoot about gliding and flying in Australia


We abide by Civial Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations. Before each flight we ensure that we're not within 3 nautical miles (5.5km) of a controlled aerodrome, or have sufficient authorisations to operate closer. If operating within an uncontrolled aerodrome or heliport, we may need to suspend operations when aviation traffic is operating in the area. We can fly in conditions of upto 50km/h wind gusts, but flights may be suspended if there are safety concerns arising during operations.