The Mexican team that won the World Cosplay Summit 2018

About Jobs

Andrew is capable of doing a wide range of jobs. He does commercial, editorial, personal, and his own art photography. He specialises in environmental and travel portraiture. He does landmark, cityscape, and street photography. He has done product photography, showing new products being used in international settings.

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The Chinese team that won the World Cosplay Summit 2017

About Equipment

Being a professional photographer and traveller, means that his kit is selected for all situations, and for ease of travel. He uses weather-sealed full-frame 35mm sensor cameras and smaller lighter cameras, namely the Canon 6dMk2, Canon M6, and Canon S120. His kit includes general purpose and excellent quality 24-70mm f2.8 lens, which is great for cityscape, landmark, landscape, portrait, sport, street, and other types of photography. He also has wide angle and telephoto lenses, and studio and hotshoe flashes. Andrew also has an underwater housing for underwater photography, he can scuda dive, and also loves snowboarding. He's good at cold-weather work, and loves motorbikes.

Fans and models at the World Cosplay Summit 2018

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Andrew's press pass for a cultural event

At the Nagoya Domatsuri 2018

About Travel

Andrew's passport lets him into most countries with just a landing visa, and can book flights often at the last minute if needed. However, planning ahead may be required as there are certain times of the year when international and domestic travel can be difficult. Namely, Chinese New Year, in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, and such. Gregorian Calendar New Year and Golden Week in Japan. Mid-summer festival in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other places.

Furthermore, access to some places may be difficult due to seasonal popularity, which is often the case in Japan. Cherry blossoms and autumnal colours appear for a short period of time, and can result in traffic, travel, and pedestrian mayhem and bedlam.

Consequently, it's best to book ahead as early as possible, in case there may be issues regarding movement. Please contact us to help plan well.

A dance team at the Nagoya Dance Festival 2018

About Professionalism

Andrew uses contracts to make clear what the job is, what is required, and delivers on these contractual promises. He creates a shoot list, does planning, research, and preparation. Any models he uses sign model releases, any makeup artists and assistants also sign model releases for behind the scenes promotional purposes. All people involved behave professionally in work settings. Andrew has learnt how to respect and present the dignity of people, and so he is an excellent representative of your project. He researches destinations, and so he learns details like how in Korean temples you should wear long trousers (regardless of the heat), and Vietnamese temples should never wear tanktops or singlets, shoulders must be covered (regardless of the heat), that sort of respect to the local people.

Andrew keeps notes on the photos he takes, and shares them as necessary with who ever he needs to collaborate with. All photos are properly captioned and keyworded. Files are delivered securely, and are easily accessible by the intended recipient. He believes in a free and secure internet, and so all communications are through encrypted channels.


Top-left The Mexican team that won the World Cosplay Summit in 2018. This is also the most copyright violated photo, and went viral on Twitter. Top-right Competitors at the Nagoya Dance Festival. Middle-left the the 2017 winning team from China performing on stage for the World Cosplay Summit. Middle-right a team competing at the World Cosplay Summit 2018. Lower left fans photographing a model at Oasis 21 Nagoya. Bottom-left a press pass Andrew used for the World Cosplay Summit 2018.

Andrew at work