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The book How to do Photographic Story Telling: Including composition and posing ideas is out now. There are three versions, in order of our personal favourites

The book covers our philosophy about photography, including how to get great photos that tell a story. Add value, meaning, and depth to your photos.

The purpose of this book is to give a different perspective on creating amazing photographs. Travel photographer Andrew Blyth (B.Sc, M.A) presents his two decades of learning in psychology and photography in this simple, concise, and easy to digest book. He reveals his secrets of how to create authentic-looking scenes, how to direct models (and clients), and how to make even ‘boring’ scenery ‘aesthetic’ (beautiful). He demonstrates his ideas with myriad of examples photographed in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, and Australia. This book includes inspirational quotes from some of the greatest photographers which will help guide your thinkings.

The eBook edition makes for great portability and easy referral. The print edition makes for a great in-studio or on-site reference. Many sample images are included to help show models and clients little details like hand placement, how to pose, and a lot more. Topics include:

  • The Three Elements
  • Photographing Movement
  • Visual Stories: Operation Bilby
  • Photographing Boring Things
  • Visual Stories: Events in Japan
  • Posing People
  • Composition and Posing Ideas

Some proceeds from this book will support environmental charities and photographic project Operation Bilby.

eBook: ISBN 978-0-9954040-2-1 | Print:  ISBN 978-0-9954040-5-2

eBook How to do Photographic Story Telling for pre-order


  • How to do Photographic Story Telling: Including composing and posing ideas
  • Andrew Blyth (B.Sc, M.A)
  • Publisher: Travel Photos (Aus)
  • On Sale: 8th February 2023
  • Print: USD$42.95
  • eBook: USD$9.99
  • Print ISBN: 978-0-9954040-5-2
  • eBook ISBN: 978-0-9954040-2-1

Travel Photographer Opens Archives and Offers Advice on Making Great Photographs

Melbourne, Aus – 30th Jan 2023 – Travel photographer Andrew Blyth opens up his 20 years of archives of life in Asia to share his tips and philosophy of visual story telling. His first book for the arts and photography community How to do Photographic Story Telling offers a unique insight into his mind and vision. With many of us wanting to travel abroad again, we are looking to get the most out of our trips and key to this is getting amazing photographs. Andrew believes that ‘Photos are a time travel device that can instantly take us back to our adventures abroad’. Nothing will devalue these experiences more than poor photography. Andrew’s advice and philosophy of his style of photography will make for great reading – and viewing.

As you can expect from a photographer, How to do Photographic Story Telling is loaded with amazing examples of photography from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Australia. It includes how to pose people, how to think about photo compositions, and what makes a photograph meaningful. The book is light on words, heavy on unique ideas, and filled with visual expression. Andrew leans on the ideas of some of the greatest minds in photography by providing quotes in very clear context that will echo in the mind of the reader. It is an essential photography guide for all avid photographers and travellers.

The book, due to its photographic content, is published in print-on-demand premium magazine format (22x28cm / 8.5×11in). It can be ordered from Blurb, Amazon, and as an eBook on Kindle and Apple Books. The book is 124 to 128 (depending on edition) pages plus soft cover.

Travel Photos prefers recycled, recyclable, renewable, and reusable materials for its physical products. A portion of profits are used to support environmental charities. A portion of proceeds from this book will help support the next stage of the Operation Bilby photographic project.

Wilderness Society & Erchana’s Amazing Effort

Erchana is a marathon runner who ran the equivalent to a marathon each day, going from the very tip of Australia to Melbourne (Tip to Toe). The idea was to raise about $10 for every one of the 6,300 kilometres she ran for the Wilderness Society (blog post); she ended up raising over $100,000. Erchana ran the equivalent of 150 marathons, breaking the Guinness World Records. Extinction is forever, and we need to support the environment that sustains humanity.

Erchana, a marathon runner, ran from the tip of Australia to Melbourne to raise funds for the Wilderness Society, breaking Guinness World Records and going beyond funding expectations.

The average human requires about 2000 calories a day. Erchana has needed to consume around 6,000 calories a day and said that she sampled every flavour of ice cream available along the way. She was chased by a wild bull and attacked by mosquitoes. She ran on dirt roads, beaches, across mountains, before finishing it all at Melbourne’s The Tan walking/running track at the Pillars of Wisdom. She was met by Australia’s leading media outlets and very grateful members of the Wilderness Society. See the ABC story here.

Erchana, a marathon runner, ran from the tip of Australia to Melbourne to raise funds for the Wilderness Society, breaking Guinness World Records and going beyond funding expectations.

The Wilderness Society is about protecting nature, preventing extinction, and a lot more. Please learn more and donate at

Erchana celebrating the end of the 5 month odyssey.

Congratulations to Erchana for her fantastic effort, and thanks so much for your support to the Wilderness Society. What better way can the Wilderness Society start the year? Please learn more and donate at

Some of the local members of the Wilderness Society in Melbourne.

5 Reasons not to Photograph it Yourself

There are many more reasons to get a professional photog’ to do the job for you. Here are some. We hope you enjoy the last one.

It’s a Service; not just “a Photo”

Occasionally we get clients who are shocked that “a photo” costs more than $20, and say they can do it themselves for less. Ok, that’s fine. Remember, you’re hiring a service, not buying an artistic mass-produced framed photo from Kmart.

Sample of the editing and post-processing done at Travel Photos
Sample of the editing and post-processing done at Travel Photos

We have invested tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, software, training, practising, and more. Yes, you can use your iPhone or ask your colleague to do it for you. However, compare an amateur photo with a professional. Which is going to bring you value?

That is why our company Director Andrew prefers to take his car to a mechanic rather than do it himself – even though he has his own hammer. We save you time, effort, energy, and investment costs.

A photo of Travel Photos poster with other street ads in a Melbourne laneway
A photo of Travel Photos poster with other street ads in a Melbourne laneway

There are legal risks

Travel Photos PtyLtd has public liability insurance. We are also educated in photo licencing, model employment, and other legalities required when using photos of people and things. There are many stories of how a photo in an ad has either gone sideways or backfired.

In 2007, an Asian American young lady sued Virgin Mobile Australia for their racist and insulting bus stop ad used in Adelaide. The ad makers did not have permission from the photographer, and did not have permission from the young lady to commercially use her likeness. What did the ad say? “Dump your pen friend” (CBS News). Needless to say, it probably cost Virgin Mobile more than what they gained.

Travel Photos PtyLtd ensures all the legal basics are covered before supplying our clients with images.

We have Skills and Talents you Don’t Have

Sorry to be so bold in saying it, but it’s true. The owners of the Lotus, Mercedes, Ferrari and other such Formula One race teams don’t drive the cars themselves – they hire highly skilled professionals to do it for them. In the image below we bet only the most talented of photographers (and this model) will know how we achieved this remarkable photo (btw, no torches were used).

Art Project: Operation Bilby, Supper Time. Female soldier eating at sunset.
Art Project: Operation Bilby, Supper Time.

Full Service

For busy people, understaffed offices, and those who don’t know all the ins and outs, we take care of all the details for you. We can do the following:

  • Image research
  • Production planning
  • Model/talent auditions and hiring
  • Location scouting
  • Travel to the required locations
  • Organise specialised equipment
  • Provide specialised services (like makeup artists, local fixers, security, etc)
  • Do the photo shoot
  • Manage staff
  • Image management and long term storage
  • Editing and post-processing
  • Image delivery
  • Legal document management
  • and more

    In short, tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

    A makeup artist preparing a model for a shoot in Yokohama Japan
    Our makeup artist preparing a model for a shoot in Yokohama Japan

    No Copy Cats Allowed

    As a standard, Travel Photos PtyLtd retains the ownership of the photographs. Additionally, the licence we issue to our clients includes an “exclusive use” clause. That means, your photos won’t be used by your competitors. Additionally, we are proactive in protecting the copyrights of our photos.

    True story. At the start of the Stock Photo era at around 2005, two advertising agencies bought the same $2 stock photo for their print material. People in the north east of the US wondered if two competing banks were now merging because the look and style of the print materials appeared the same. Avoid confusing your customers, avoid diluting your message, or worse – be unintentionally promoting your competitor. Unique exclusive photos is what we specialise in.

    Confusion occurs when you use the same cheap stock photos as your competitors
    Confusion occurs when you use cheap stock images

    Don’t let your business get lost in the crowd. Stay unique. Stay fresh.

    Aircraft Portrait Shoot

    Male model preferred for about 1 to 2 hours work. Pose next to an aircraft to create a small set of portraits for advertising/editorial use in print and online campaigns within Australia. Details:

    • This is a low-budget shoot, so please do own MUA and clothing.
    • Clothing: Preference for neutral coloured chino trousers, long-sleeve white button-up shirt
    • When: The shoot will be close to sunset, most likely on a late Saturday afternoon (7th Jan) or the Friday before or Sunday after
    • Where: A regional airfield that is within 60kms of Melbourne CBD (transport by photographer can be provided). Contact us to learn more
    • Remuneration: Contact us to learn more
    • Style: The aircraft will be static (on ground – parked). Editorial style of portraits around the aircraft.
    Flying with the Gliding Federation of Australia and the Melbourne Gliding Club

    Happy New Year

    New Year sunrise photo

    The Travel Photos company traces its roots to when the owner Andrew was based in Japan. At that time it was known as Japanese Photos.

    Japanese like to share New Year related images and themes with friends and family. These images are often shared as postcards to be delivered from New Years day. That is, any cards the post office receives, they sought separately and hold off on delivery until New Years Day. A lot of the images include Lunar Zodiac animals; mandarins and rice cakes which are typically enjoyed on New Years day; and the first sunrise of the year (or a sunrise/sunset, or an image taken around the NY to represent “the first sunrise”… people are lazy and weather can be unpredictable).

    Sunset on Pulpit Rock, Cape Schanck Victoria
    Sunset on Pulpit Rock, Cape Schanck Victoria

    Since our time in Japan, we have a tradition of sharing New Year images. Included here is a sunset behind Pulpit Rock at Cape Schanck Victoria. It is a unique view, and we are a bit reluctant to describe the tricks we used to get this un-photoshopped true digital capture. We hope that experienced landscape photographers would also be reluctant to share their tricks too.

    Sunrise on Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

    Above and below are examples of New Year images that have been shared by us in the past. These have been used as New Years postcard images in subsequent years – of course without mentioning the date the images were actually photographed.

    Fishing boats with Shinto good luck charms and well wishes for the new fishing year in Japan
    Fishing boats with Shinto good luck charms and well wishes for the new fishing year in Japan

    The Final Days of Twitter?

    The general feeling of Twitter users is that Elon Musk has gone into it like a wrecking ball. Within a fortnight he turned a smoothly running machine into utter chaos. Before firing the human rights department, you’d want to find out what they do, why they do it, and what would happen if they didn’t do their jobs – before firing the whole team – only to realise later you need them. It’s simple management strategy to gather information before taking action.

    Sunset on heroes. Art Project: Operation Bilby

    Every tweet now feels like the last. With all the depth of knowledge gutted out of the company, any new staff will have a rough ride learning what/how to do things. With so much confidence in the platform lost, where should we go? Exclusively on Instagram? Blog here more? Swallow our pride and use FaceBook. Note, we are not fans of FB because of the privacy violations built into the platform. What are your thoughts?

    The Brodie Helmet

    The Brodie Helmet is the colloquial name for the Helmet, Steel, Mark I designed by John Leopold Brodie in 1915. These were to replace the soft cloth peak caps the soldiers wore in the trenches on the Western Front. The helmets did not do a good job of stopping bullets fired directly at them, but did reduce lethal head injuries from falling shrapnel and other hazards from exploding German shells. (Wikipedia).

    Art Project: Operation Bilby. Woman in fantasy art wearing a Brodie helmet
    Art Project: Operation Bilby. Woman in fantasy art wearing a Brodie helmet

    The design of the helmet is said to have been inspired by the Kettle Hat (Wikipedia). The Kettle Hat provided good field of vision, comfort, and importantly protection from falling arrows from enemy archers.

    Art Project: Operation Bilby. Fantasy art project for Australian mythology.
    Art Project: Operation Bilby. Fantasy art project for Australian mythology.

    The Brodie helmet allows good field of view, good hearing, and protection from falling objects. When the wearer is standing, laying, or huddling, the helmet can be moved to protect the shoulders, neck, and face by varying the angle of wear. Most other helmets do not provide such protective versatility.

    Art Project: Operation Bilby

    The helmet was used by Britain’s allies including Australia, Canada, the US, Republic of China, Pakistan, and many other counties. The helmet has become an icon of an era of the British Empire and it’s constituencies. Consequently, it is the perfect part of the Operation Bilby fantasy art project. Learn more here: Operation Bilby.

    Art Project: Operation Bilby. Fantasy art project and new Australian mythology.
    Art Project: Operation Bilby. Fantasy art project and new Australian mythology.

    “Stolen” Submarine

    Former HMAS Otama seen 15th May 2022

    We were very lucky to get these photos when we did. The HMAS Otama was a Oberon Class submarine of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) from 1978 to 2000. Not much is known about its time in service, except it was extremely important and that it was more of a spy submarine than an attack submarine (Wikipedia).

    HMAS Otama in need of extensive restoration. 15th May 2022

    It was retired from service in 2000 and became the first and only spy submarine in the world to have been privately bought. It was bought by the Victorian Maritime Centre in 2001 (Wikipedia). They planned to bring it up to a purpose built dry dock where it could be restored and put on public display. However, the VMC never got sufficient funds to build the dry dock by the time the Otama was confiscated by the RAN for scrapping in October 2022. The reason for confiscation may relate to it being a hazard or environmental risk especially during severe weather.

    The stern of HMAS Otama with many open hatches and extensive corrosion

    Apparently, it cost more to confiscate and carry the submarine than the money it would recover from scrapping, and costing more than building a dry dock for it.

    Open hatches at the bow of HMAS Otama. All photographs are copyright and licenceable from Travel Photos PtyLtd

    Travel Photos is happy to help with remote and aerial surveys of privately owned items and facilities. Please contact us to learn more.

    Former Royal Australian Navy HMAS Otama in Western Port Bay, Vic, 15th May 2022

    Operation Bilby

    Get more eyes on your products and brand with this iconic outdoor adventure art project.

    Art Project: Operation Bilby; The Sentinel

    Operation Bilby is an art project intended to do a few things:

    • Promote outdoor adventure and outdoor lifestyle
    • Promote Australian companies and their products
    • Create a new Australian mythology
    • Demonstrate that despite the racial diversity of Australia, all Australians have common goals and common values
    • Demonstrate women are capable of contributing to national goals and ideals outside of archaic gendered roles

    Aim: To be at least shortlisted in any state or national art, photography, or other awards and competitions.

    Art Project: Operation Bilby; On Comms

    We want to help you get save time and get maximum benefit. You will get:

    • Extensive social media promotion
    • Featuring your brand or personal contribution
    • Exclusive access to the photo library that can be used for your own promotional uses
    • Product placement
    • Displayed in art galleries
    Art Project: Operation Bilby; Serrated Edge

    This art project was first conceived in November 2021 and call for sponsors and participants was made in December 2021. Since then, participants and resources (including costumes) were sourced. Then, most unfortunately, Russia invaded Ukraine. This art project was not meant to be about nationalism or to contribute to anti-Russia sentiment. We have deepest sympathies for the people of Ukraine, and we wish we could provide support for them. We never intended for this project to have any relationship to any actual wars, and we do not want to distract from the plight of the Ukrainian people.

    Art Project: Operation Bilby; Stalking Prey

    Who can benefit

    This art project is suited for any outdoor-related and adventure companies. We have a preference for Australian companies. This project will be great for the following companies:

    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Boots / outdoor footwear
    • Women’s’ active wear
    • Outdoor electronics (inc. uhf radios, navigation, and other equipment)
    • Camping equipment manufacturers
    • Adventure / outdoor training organisations
    • Private sponsors (will receive merch and art prints)
    • and more

    Operation Bilby on the Socials

    See how it’s going on the socials

    Art Project: Operation Bilby; Dinner at Dusk

    Who is involved?

    The following people will be involved?

    • Travel Photos head photographer
    • Our photography assistant
    • Talented models
    • Talented makeup artists
    • Talented costume designers or an active wear company
    Art Project: Operation Bilby; Assassin Mode


    • No gun or hunting promotions
    • No racism or sexism
    • Pro-humanity, and nations’ rights to peaceful existence
    Art Project: Operation Bilby; Enemy on the Move