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The book How to do Photographic Story Telling: Including composition and posing ideas is out now. There are three versions, in order of our personal favourites

The book covers our philosophy about photography, including how to get great photos that tell a story. Add value, meaning, and depth to your photos.

The purpose of this book is to give a different perspective on creating amazing photographs. Travel photographer Andrew Blyth (B.Sc, M.A) presents his two decades of learning in psychology and photography in this simple, concise, and easy to digest book. He reveals his secrets of how to create authentic-looking scenes, how to direct models (and clients), and how to make even ‘boring’ scenery ‘aesthetic’ (beautiful). He demonstrates his ideas with myriad of examples photographed in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, and Australia. This book includes inspirational quotes from some of the greatest photographers which will help guide your thinkings.

The eBook edition makes for great portability and easy referral. The print edition makes for a great in-studio or on-site reference. Many sample images are included to help show models and clients little details like hand placement, how to pose, and a lot more. Topics include:

  • The Three Elements
  • Photographing Movement
  • Visual Stories: Operation Bilby
  • Photographing Boring Things
  • Visual Stories: Events in Japan
  • Posing People
  • Composition and Posing Ideas

Some proceeds from this book will support environmental charities and photographic project Operation Bilby.

eBook: ISBN 978-0-9954040-2-1 | Print:  ISBN 978-0-9954040-5-2

eBook How to do Photographic Story Telling for pre-order


  • How to do Photographic Story Telling: Including composing and posing ideas
  • Andrew Blyth (B.Sc, M.A)
  • Publisher: Travel Photos (Aus)
  • On Sale: 8th February 2023
  • Print: USD$42.95
  • eBook: USD$9.99
  • Print ISBN: 978-0-9954040-5-2
  • eBook ISBN: 978-0-9954040-2-1

Travel Photographer Opens Archives and Offers Advice on Making Great Photographs

Melbourne, Aus – 30th Jan 2023 – Travel photographer Andrew Blyth opens up his 20 years of archives of life in Asia to share his tips and philosophy of visual story telling. His first book for the arts and photography community How to do Photographic Story Telling offers a unique insight into his mind and vision. With many of us wanting to travel abroad again, we are looking to get the most out of our trips and key to this is getting amazing photographs. Andrew believes that ‘Photos are a time travel device that can instantly take us back to our adventures abroad’. Nothing will devalue these experiences more than poor photography. Andrew’s advice and philosophy of his style of photography will make for great reading – and viewing.

As you can expect from a photographer, How to do Photographic Story Telling is loaded with amazing examples of photography from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Australia. It includes how to pose people, how to think about photo compositions, and what makes a photograph meaningful. The book is light on words, heavy on unique ideas, and filled with visual expression. Andrew leans on the ideas of some of the greatest minds in photography by providing quotes in very clear context that will echo in the mind of the reader. It is an essential photography guide for all avid photographers and travellers.

The book, due to its photographic content, is published in print-on-demand premium magazine format (22x28cm / 8.5×11in). It can be ordered from Blurb, Amazon, and as an eBook on Kindle and Apple Books. The book is 124 to 128 (depending on edition) pages plus soft cover.

Travel Photos prefers recycled, recyclable, renewable, and reusable materials for its physical products. A portion of profits are used to support environmental charities. A portion of proceeds from this book will help support the next stage of the Operation Bilby photographic project.

5 Reasons not to Photograph it Yourself

There are many more reasons to get a professional photog’ to do the job for you. Here are some. We hope you enjoy the last one.

It’s a Service; not just “a Photo”

Occasionally we get clients who are shocked that “a photo” costs more than $20, and say they can do it themselves for less. Ok, that’s fine. Remember, you’re hiring a service, not buying an artistic mass-produced framed photo from Kmart.

Sample of the editing and post-processing done at Travel Photos
Sample of the editing and post-processing done at Travel Photos

We have invested tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, software, training, practising, and more. Yes, you can use your iPhone or ask your colleague to do it for you. However, compare an amateur photo with a professional. Which is going to bring you value?

That is why our company Director Andrew prefers to take his car to a mechanic rather than do it himself – even though he has his own hammer. We save you time, effort, energy, and investment costs.

A photo of Travel Photos poster with other street ads in a Melbourne laneway
A photo of Travel Photos poster with other street ads in a Melbourne laneway

There are legal risks

Travel Photos PtyLtd has public liability insurance. We are also educated in photo licencing, model employment, and other legalities required when using photos of people and things. There are many stories of how a photo in an ad has either gone sideways or backfired.

In 2007, an Asian American young lady sued Virgin Mobile Australia for their racist and insulting bus stop ad used in Adelaide. The ad makers did not have permission from the photographer, and did not have permission from the young lady to commercially use her likeness. What did the ad say? “Dump your pen friend” (CBS News). Needless to say, it probably cost Virgin Mobile more than what they gained.

Travel Photos PtyLtd ensures all the legal basics are covered before supplying our clients with images.

We have Skills and Talents you Don’t Have

Sorry to be so bold in saying it, but it’s true. The owners of the Lotus, Mercedes, Ferrari and other such Formula One race teams don’t drive the cars themselves – they hire highly skilled professionals to do it for them. In the image below we bet only the most talented of photographers (and this model) will know how we achieved this remarkable photo (btw, no torches were used).

Art Project: Operation Bilby, Supper Time. Female soldier eating at sunset.
Art Project: Operation Bilby, Supper Time.

Full Service

For busy people, understaffed offices, and those who don’t know all the ins and outs, we take care of all the details for you. We can do the following:

  • Image research
  • Production planning
  • Model/talent auditions and hiring
  • Location scouting
  • Travel to the required locations
  • Organise specialised equipment
  • Provide specialised services (like makeup artists, local fixers, security, etc)
  • Do the photo shoot
  • Manage staff
  • Image management and long term storage
  • Editing and post-processing
  • Image delivery
  • Legal document management
  • and more

    In short, tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

    A makeup artist preparing a model for a shoot in Yokohama Japan
    Our makeup artist preparing a model for a shoot in Yokohama Japan

    No Copy Cats Allowed

    As a standard, Travel Photos PtyLtd retains the ownership of the photographs. Additionally, the licence we issue to our clients includes an “exclusive use” clause. That means, your photos won’t be used by your competitors. Additionally, we are proactive in protecting the copyrights of our photos.

    True story. At the start of the Stock Photo era at around 2005, two advertising agencies bought the same $2 stock photo for their print material. People in the north east of the US wondered if two competing banks were now merging because the look and style of the print materials appeared the same. Avoid confusing your customers, avoid diluting your message, or worse – be unintentionally promoting your competitor. Unique exclusive photos is what we specialise in.

    Confusion occurs when you use the same cheap stock photos as your competitors
    Confusion occurs when you use cheap stock images

    Don’t let your business get lost in the crowd. Stay unique. Stay fresh.

    2022 Calendars

    This year we’re really excited to announce we’ve expanded our range of our calendars. Previously our main series was “Inside Japan”. For 2022 we’ll have Inside Japan, Inside Aviation, Inside Travel, and a new project theme “Edge of Day”.

    Calendars are printed, prepared, and and shipped from the United States, and distributed world wide. Allow 5 to 21 days for delivery, depending on your location.

    To order yours for friends, family, for Christmas, and birthdays, go to:

    Inside Japan 2022 calendarInside Japan 2022 calendar
    Inside Japan 2022 calendar
    Inside Japan 2022 calendar
    • Cover: Yudanaka-Onsen
    • Jan: Temple at Yudanaka
    • Feb: Kinkakuji, Kyoto
    • Mar: Temple in Gion, Kyoto
    • Apr: Temple in Nakamura Ward, Nagoya
    • May: Ise main street
    • Jun: Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo
    • Jul: Shop front, Ise
    • Aug: Gion, Kyoto
    • Sep: Gifu Park, Gifu
    • Oct: Gion, Kyoto
    • Nov: Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto
    • Dec: A temple in Kyoto
    • Back cover: Senso-ji, Tokyo

    To order yours for friends, family, for Christmas, and birthdays, go to:

    Edge of Day 2022 CalendarEdge of Day 2022 Calendar
    Edge of Day 2022 Calendar
    • Cover: Irago Island
    • Jan: Himakajima Island, Japan
    • Feb: Hastings, Australia
    • Mar: Brighton, Melbourne, Australia
    • Apr: Kilcunda, Australia
    • May: Kilcunda, Australia
    • Jun: Point Lonsdale, Australia
    • Jul: Irago Island, Japan
    • Aug: Twelve Apostles, Australia
    • Sep: Irago Lighthouse, Australia
    • Oct: Flinders, Australia
    • Nov: Himakajima Island, Japan
    • Dec: Hastings, Australia
    • Back cover: Utsumi, Japan

    To order yours for friends, family, for Christmas, and birthdays, go to:

    Inside Aviation 2022 CalendarInside Aviation 2022 Calendar
    Inside Aviation 2022 Calendar
    • Cover: North American T-28 Trojan
    • Jan: Lockheed Hudson
    • Feb: Piper Cub
    • Mar: English Electric Canberra
    • Apr: Grob G103 Twin Astir
    • May: Cessna A-37 Dragonfly
    • Jun: Supermarine Spitfire
    • Jul: DG Flugzeugbau DG-1001
    • Aug: CAC Winjeel
    • Sep: Schempp-Hirth Duo Discuss
    • Oct: CAC Boomerang
    • Nov: AgustaWestland AW139
    • Dec: Schempp-Hirth Duo Discuss
    • Back cover: Piper Pawnee, viewed from DG Flugzeugbau DG-1001

    To order yours for friends, family, for Christmas, and birthdays, go to:

    Inside Travel 2022 CalendarInside Travel 2022 Calendar
    • Cover: Sunrise and fog, Kilcunda Australia
    • Jan: Sweet shop and factory, Nara Japan
    • Feb: Fertility festival, Nagoya Japan
    • Mar: Souvenir shop, Ise Japan
    • Apr: Local temple in Sako, Nagoya Japan
    • May: Ceramics seller, Saigon Vietnam
    • Jun: Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei Taiwan
    • Jul: Maiko, Kyoto Japan
    • Aug: Longshan Temple, Taipei Taiwan
    • Sep: Girl in café, Saigon Vietnam
    • Oct: Restaurant in Gion, Kyoto Japan
    • Nov: Princes Bridge and CBD, Melbourne Australia
    • Dec: Sunrise pier, Flinders Australia
    • Back cover: Andrew at Centrair, Nagoya Airport Japan

    Model Call: Taipei 5th to 10th March

    Portraits of a young Japanese lady modelling with an antique film camera.

    What: City / Street portraits
    Where: Ximen, CKS Memorial Hall, and other places around Taipei
    When: A day and time that’s convenient to the both of us, from 5th to 10th March
    What to wear: Normal smart-casual
    Makeup: Please do your own for natural / affluent like.
    Why: I need to meet models to work with for future commercial work. These photos will also make sample products to promote my business for travel portraiture.
    Benefits: I will provide photos both full size (for printing and portfolio making), and web-size (for social media self-promotion), but not for resale.
    More info: Check back here for updates.