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  • How to do Photographic Story Telling: Including composing and posing ideas
  • Andrew Blyth (B.Sc, M.A)
  • Publisher: Travel Photos (Aus)
  • On Sale: 8th February 2023
  • Print: USD$42.95
  • eBook: USD$9.99
  • Print ISBN: 978-0-9954040-5-2
  • eBook ISBN: 978-0-9954040-2-1

Travel Photographer Opens Archives and Offers Advice on Making Great Photographs

Melbourne, Aus – 30th Jan 2023 – Travel photographer Andrew Blyth opens up his 20 years of archives of life in Asia to share his tips and philosophy of visual story telling. His first book for the arts and photography community How to do Photographic Story Telling offers a unique insight into his mind and vision. With many of us wanting to travel abroad again, we are looking to get the most out of our trips and key to this is getting amazing photographs. Andrew believes that ‘Photos are a time travel device that can instantly take us back to our adventures abroad’. Nothing will devalue these experiences more than poor photography. Andrew’s advice and philosophy of his style of photography will make for great reading – and viewing.

As you can expect from a photographer, How to do Photographic Story Telling is loaded with amazing examples of photography from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Australia. It includes how to pose people, how to think about photo compositions, and what makes a photograph meaningful. The book is light on words, heavy on unique ideas, and filled with visual expression. Andrew leans on the ideas of some of the greatest minds in photography by providing quotes in very clear context that will echo in the mind of the reader. It is an essential photography guide for all avid photographers and travellers.

The book, due to its photographic content, is published in print-on-demand premium magazine format (22x28cm / 8.5×11in). It can be ordered from Blurb, Amazon, and as an eBook on Kindle and Apple Books. The book is 124 to 128 (depending on edition) pages plus soft cover.

Travel Photos prefers recycled, recyclable, renewable, and reusable materials for its physical products. A portion of profits are used to support environmental charities. A portion of proceeds from this book will help support the next stage of the Operation Bilby photographic project.

Happy New Year

New Year sunrise photo

The Travel Photos company traces its roots to when the owner Andrew was based in Japan. At that time it was known as Japanese Photos.

Japanese like to share New Year related images and themes with friends and family. These images are often shared as postcards to be delivered from New Years day. That is, any cards the post office receives, they sought separately and hold off on delivery until New Years Day. A lot of the images include Lunar Zodiac animals; mandarins and rice cakes which are typically enjoyed on New Years day; and the first sunrise of the year (or a sunrise/sunset, or an image taken around the NY to represent “the first sunrise”… people are lazy and weather can be unpredictable).

Sunset on Pulpit Rock, Cape Schanck Victoria
Sunset on Pulpit Rock, Cape Schanck Victoria

Since our time in Japan, we have a tradition of sharing New Year images. Included here is a sunset behind Pulpit Rock at Cape Schanck Victoria. It is a unique view, and we are a bit reluctant to describe the tricks we used to get this un-photoshopped true digital capture. We hope that experienced landscape photographers would also be reluctant to share their tricks too.

Sunrise on Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

Above and below are examples of New Year images that have been shared by us in the past. These have been used as New Years postcard images in subsequent years – of course without mentioning the date the images were actually photographed.

Fishing boats with Shinto good luck charms and well wishes for the new fishing year in Japan
Fishing boats with Shinto good luck charms and well wishes for the new fishing year in Japan

The Brodie Helmet

The Brodie Helmet is the colloquial name for the Helmet, Steel, Mark I designed by John Leopold Brodie in 1915. These were to replace the soft cloth peak caps the soldiers wore in the trenches on the Western Front. The helmets did not do a good job of stopping bullets fired directly at them, but did reduce lethal head injuries from falling shrapnel and other hazards from exploding German shells. (Wikipedia).

Art Project: Operation Bilby. Woman in fantasy art wearing a Brodie helmet
Art Project: Operation Bilby. Woman in fantasy art wearing a Brodie helmet

The design of the helmet is said to have been inspired by the Kettle Hat (Wikipedia). The Kettle Hat provided good field of vision, comfort, and importantly protection from falling arrows from enemy archers.

Art Project: Operation Bilby. Fantasy art project for Australian mythology.
Art Project: Operation Bilby. Fantasy art project for Australian mythology.

The Brodie helmet allows good field of view, good hearing, and protection from falling objects. When the wearer is standing, laying, or huddling, the helmet can be moved to protect the shoulders, neck, and face by varying the angle of wear. Most other helmets do not provide such protective versatility.

Art Project: Operation Bilby

The helmet was used by Britain’s allies including Australia, Canada, the US, Republic of China, Pakistan, and many other counties. The helmet has become an icon of an era of the British Empire and it’s constituencies. Consequently, it is the perfect part of the Operation Bilby fantasy art project. Learn more here: Operation Bilby.

Art Project: Operation Bilby. Fantasy art project and new Australian mythology.
Art Project: Operation Bilby. Fantasy art project and new Australian mythology.

Model call: Outdoor clothing Melbourne Vic #ModelCall

Outdoor clothing modelling

I have an expression of interest from a client, and so I need to research options.

Who am I?  Andrew is a commercial photographer who has been based in Japan for nearly 15 years. For family reasons he’s returned and is re-establishing his business his business in Australia. You can see his old website at JapanesePhotos.Asia, his Model Mayhem account, Instagram, and Twitter for more background on him.

Who: We need both male and female models who have an interest and history of outdoor activities. Yes, you can suggest a friend to work with; we will consider their portfolio. Ultimately, the client makes the final approval of who we can work with.

What: The job is to model outdoor clothing and some equipment. If you have not done fashion modelling before, please research some suitable poses.

Pay: We need to know what your fees are on a per hour and on a per day basis. We are not looking for the cheapest models, but the most suitable, I just need to present options and cost approximations to the client. I usually pay from about $25/hr or $100 a day, but this usually depends on the job and the clients’ budget.

Portfolio: To present the best case to the client, we need a few things:

  • Your online portfolio (usually your Instagram or Model Mayhem account is fine). We assume that portfolios that include outdoor activities may be viewed more favourably.
  • Your per hour / per day payment expectations.
  • If you’re ok with sharing behind the scenes images of the shoot on your social media account, and if you’re ok to share many of the final images on your social media account too.
  • Your clothing sizes (for shirts, jackets, trousers, shoes – Aust size & cm); height, waist, bust, chest, hat/head sizes.
  • Availability (we prefer weekdays, but weekends might be possible)
  • (emailing a pdf with a sample of photos and the above responses will make it a lot easier for us)

Where: The shoot will be done in a National Park or similar place near Melbourne or the Yarra Ranges. Transport may be provided from either Epping or a convenient nearby train station. If we shoot in a National Park, we may be limited on the number of vehicles we are allowed in, so it is ok to have a friend drop you off and pick you up again.

When: mid July (probably on weekdays), TBA. The shoot may be timed for when you (the models) are available.

Makeup: Please do your own, a makeup artist probably won’t be approved by the client. Please don’t do high fashion or glamour, but suitable for outdoor & camping type of activities.

Accommodation: If this is a multi-day shoot, none is provided this time, so you will need to return to your home each day, which will probably be after sunset. We suggest to have a friend pick you up as you may be too tired to drive safely near the end of the day.

Wear: Most clothing will be provided. Please bring your own warm clothes for comfort in between shoots. We strongly suggest thermal underclothes (especially v-neck). It is possible that thermal underclothing may be provided, tbc. Please ask and confirm this closer to the time of the shoot.

Food & bring: Main meals (probably only lunch) will be provided, but please bring your own drinks and snacks. Portable battery charger for your phone with cables. Your own makeup supplies. A book or your music to help recharge and reset in rest periods.

Liability: Travel Photos PtyLtd and the client will consider you as a sub-contractor. Which means you need to be responsible for your own public liability insurance, your own health insurance, and so forth.

Final note:  Andrew and Travel Photos PtyLtd prefer to work with people we know. If we can do this shoot, there is a higher probability we will work together again.

Updates: This page was last updated on 10th July.

25th July 2019:  The client has put back the the shoot due to other projects being prioritised. Further updates will come when the shoot can be scheduled.

Model Call: Melbourne Vic 18th Feb to 1st Mar

Young Japanese lady in the trendy part of Nagoya city at night.

What: City / Street portraits
Where: Melbourne CBD
When: A day and time that’s convenient to the both of us
What to wear: Normal smart-casual (jeans and white button-up type shirt preferred). Basically, look affluent, inspiring, and the ideal guy/girl next-door.
Makeup: We’re on a limited budget, so please do your own for natural / affluent like.
Why: I’m relocating to Melbourne from Japan. I need to meet models to work with for future commercial work. These photos will also make sample products to promote my business for travel portraiture.
Benefits: I will provide photos both full size (for printing and portfolio making), and web-size (for social media self-promotion), but not for resale.
More info: Check back here for updates.
Contact: https://travelphotos.asia/contact.html.