Commercial photo sample

A commercial shoot in a bar in Nagoya, Japan

Image library / stock photos

Andrew has an extensive library of images at his archive.TravelPhotos.Asia website and at Alamy.

About Jobs

Andrew is capable of doing a wide range of jobs. He does commercial, editorial, portraiture, and his own art photography. He specialises in environmental and travel portraiture. He does landmark, cityscape, and street photography. He has done product photography, showing new products being used in international settings. And he can Travel.

Landmark photography in Japan

Lighthouse in Aichi Japan

Hire options

Andrew has some things scheduled through the year, however, he is almost always able to fit new clients in. He prioritises his VIP clients and especially those who keep him on a retainer. 99% of jobs are at least two days, as time for preparation, research, shooting, and post processing are essential.

Please contact us for more information and invoicing specifics.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept "shoot some photos for us, and we'll buy some if they're any good". Sadly, we can't say to hotels "We'll stay in a room, and if it's any good, we'll pay the bill". Consequently, we only accept defined jobs, and all work is invoiced.

Ramen (Chinese noodles) photographed for a client

Taiwanese style noodles.

An environmental commercial photo shoot on location

A commercial shoot at a bar in Nagoya Japan

Andrew's studio equipment on location in Japan

Some of the equipment that's used on an indoor shoot, in a Japanese house (photo taken on an iPad).

A model posing with Diadora sports shoes in Melbourne

Diadora shoes in front of Melbourne trams

Package / invoice options

Andrew can provide for a variety of needs to help you with your projects. Including:

Rights Managed photo licensing options:

Please contact us for more information.

A professional model posing on location

A young Japanese lady in a traditional style house in Yokohama, Japan

About delivery & quality

Andrew offers a range of options for image delivery. All images are shot on modern digital mirrorless or DSLR cameras, including the Canon 6Dmk2, and/or Canon EOS M6. Formerly he used the Sony A99 and A77, and a long time ago he shot on film with Minolta equipment. Only the best available professional level lenses are used. Studio and hotshoe flashes are preferred to ensure good quality lighting and low-noise images. Images can be delivered as:

Andrew's studio equipment on location in Japan

An antique bookshop owner looking at an old manuscript, Seoul Sth Korea.

Andrew as an official photographer

Andrew as an official photographer at a major sporting event.